Do you think that herbs and flowers are only used for decoration or cooking? That’s a common misconception. Herbs and flowers have many unusual uses that go beyond their aesthetic or culinary value.

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Fight the flu with flowers

For instance, many herbs and flowers are used to make infused oils for aroma therapy. These oils can be applied directly to the skin or ingested, just be sure to get a high quality tincture that is pure and preferably organic. Plants like passionflower and lavender can aid with sleep and echinacea and oil of oregano can strengthen the immune system. Try some the next time you feel yourself coming down with a cold or flu. Oregano is also a fantastic anti-fungal.

You can also enjoy the benefits of these oils through an infuser. This causes the oil to vaporize and be released into the air. Pine, for instance, is a wonderful room purifier and studies have shown that it can lower cortisol, the hormone that’s elevated when we’re in a stressed state.

Athletic enhancement

Did you know that herbs can also aid in muscle growth? More natural bodybuilders have been reaping the benefits of herbal supplements for a long time as an alternative to steroids. Natural bodybuilding supplements that are a steroid alternative like D-Bal also work to quickly boost muscle gains. But you can also try herbs like rhodiola and ashwagandha, which are adaptogenic herbs. These also help to buffer the effects of elevated cortisol and relax the body when it’s in a stressed state, such as weightlifting. They also make the body more resilient to stress.

So the next time you’re fighting off a bug or looking to enhance your workout, add some herbs and flowers to your routine.